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Stockbee: Q&A With Pradeep Bonde

1. What will happen to oil prices and how will the boutiques near me and bond markets react to them? In addition, Izabella Kamanska at FT Alphaville pointed to a Citi report on the negative effects of fewer petrodollars on bond yields and central bank balance sheets. How will the Fed and market react to the report in light of lower oil price? What about the stimulative effects of a lower oil price on the economy? While that’s certainly the case, what matters is how the savings from lower crude oil prices end up getting invested relative to the investments made by sovereign wealth funds and FX reserve managers. The key implication, they note, is that with WTI trading below $80 and Brent right at that level, one should not expect another $500bn of assets to be bought by petrodollar investors in 2015. They add that the longer crude prices persist at current levels, the more likely it is that these investors stop seeing inflows, which could see the drop in oil prices effectively offsetting further balance-sheet expansion from the BoJ and ECB. In other words, petrodollar recycling involves oil exporting SWFs buying US Treasury assets, largely because SWFs are conservative by nature.


Many of these worksheets are RANDOM and customizable, so you may print out several different versions depending on the skill level of your students. Needless to say, this regulatory uncertainty (along with prior detours from the rule of law) will be a wet blanket on top of investors until transparency and a level playing field are restored to the markets. A rational conclusion is that instead of a legislative solution that might require comprehensive tax reform, this Administration has decided to unilaterally curb inversions using whatever means are available. That means you’ve been taken out of the market and you may not have the resources to get back in. As such, forsaken petrodollars rarely find their way back into fixed income markets. I plan to buy BAC when the stock closed back over It’s 50 day moving average now located at $16.12. AVL will have resistance around $8.00 now. GM – I will have to think about that!


I think Advanced Micro Devices can still trade above $7.00 sometime this year but I’d start taking some profits here. Until we can diagnose what went wrong, it’s virtually impossible to map of the road ahead. Many stock investors can create a few hundred to a few hundred thousand dollars a year, based on the trader’s capability and the trading scheme used. The Trend Model trading call reversed itself and moved from a bearish to a bullish reading this week (see my tweet here). Under such circumstances, he is inclined to call an audible at the line of scrimmage and move to a neutral position in his portfolio. Speaking of the volatility of the past two to three weeks, he said that was due to position clearing and that it was similar to October 1998. (Our source pointed out that’s when the Long-Term Capital Management event happened. Canoo Holdings Ltd., a Los Angeles-based electric vehicle (EV) maker, said Tuesday it has completed its reverse merger with special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp., so its stock will now begin trading on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “GOEV.” The stock is surging 12.9% in premarket trading. The stock will now be facing some resistance around $1.40.